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Request post (take 2)

Hello everyone. I know it's been a terribly long while, but I suppose I can start taking requests again. It's been a horrendously long time (~2 years) so I'm just going to make a new post. If anyone who was on my waiting list on the last request post would like to have something made, you will get a higher priority. That being said, everyone else, please do not be offended if you are put at a lower priority. You are all special and equally appreciated. Or something.

♠. General
- Things you may request from me: layout, icons, a Winamp skin, a coloured manga scan.
- Provide images you would like me to use, otherwise please do not complain about any image I choose to use.
- Preferably whatever you request should be in a fandom I am familiar with. If unsure, don't hestitate to ask. :)
- Understand that whatever I make can and will be used by other people if not specified by you.

♣. Layout
- Please specify if you would like S1 or S2. For more details on the differences between these, please check out this page in the handy-dandy LJ FAQ.
- Please provide specifics about your layout... this includes things like, colour schemes, header, sidebar, font, etc. Some questions can be answered with the handy-dandy Berrii-Graphics FAQ!
- It might be useful if you also give me your computer screen's current resolution.
- Currently, I am most comfortable with the following S2 layouts: Smooth Sailing and Flexible Squares. For S1 layouts: Generator and Flexible Squares, along with others... although it's been a long time since S1, and no one uses it anyways. :P You're better off going with S2 probably.
- I hope to put some layout templates out soon so you can also request something based on those. :)

♥. Icons/manga scans
- How many icons? 1, 2, 5, 10? Please don't ask for 10+.
- Provided images would be great.
- With a manga scan, I'm not the best at manga colouring. Truly, you're better off going somewhere else, haha. (Here is where I pimp out kaorien and staticlights.)

♦. Winamp skin
- It's been a long time since I've made a Winamp skin. I can only do Classic skins so please bear this in mind.
- I don't usually skin specific buttons (the Shuffle button, the Repeat, etc). If you would like these, please ask.
- I also don't usually skin the video player. I can learn, I s'pose. This will take longer, of course.
- Specific fonts? :) Lay 'em on me.

Requests are OPEN!

Requests are put into priority by a first-come, first-served basis, barring the exception at the top. ~5 requests will be taken at a time, any after this will be placed into a queue.

1. dalampasigan, Nishikido Ryo header.
2. pheonix_wings07, JaeJoong (DBSK) layout in the style of dalampasigan's. [added Nov 19]
3. swamywinchester, Arthur/Morgana Winamp skin. [added Nov 19]
4. nightengale, DCMK layout. [added Nov 19]
5. snowwhitesheath, Tomoe Yukishiro (RuroKen) layout. [added Nov 19]
Tags: #request
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I was looking for an ArMor winamp skin and I found your LJ. Can I ask you - if you don't mind of course, and you have the time to - to make me a winamp sking with this picture:, with writing on it if it's possible "we were left in this world for each other", please?
Ooh ooh oooh. You don't know me, as I'm mostly a lurker around the DC/MK fandoms, and nonexistent around the rest of them, but Ysabet and I have been writing a DCMK fanfic and I think it'd be lovely if we could have a pretty profile and/or journal layout for it, and I've seen your icons at high recommendation from other of my friends in DCMK. Could you take a look at the community and let me know if you'd want to do something with it?

Hi! Sorry it took me so long to get back to you, I didn't actually realize you asked me a question, haha. I'd love to fill out your request! It seems like a good challenge :) The only thing would be the wait you might endure... Yeaaah, it's February and I haven't really gotten much done. ): I'm terribly sorry. If you retracted your request, I'd totally understand!
It's totally okay! This fic will be going on for quite a while longer, so if it takes you a little while to work on it, that's still okay! :)

Thanks in advance! ♥
Oooh! Oooh!

Could you please make me a journal lay-out? :D I want something sorta like your current journal lay-out (in your personal account).

Not necessarily exactly like the one you have, I'd just want it to have the same characteristics: easy on the eyes, not pink, and has tiny font. :D

On the header thing, I'd love it had 'Le Vance' in it, and if you could use the font 'ah the monster is comming' or 'Jane Austen'. Which ever you deem suitable.

so... yes. no specific header image. it's all up to you and all that.

Hello, you don't know me either, but I would like to make a request if possible. I am not sure if you are familiar with the JRock fandom, but if so I would love to request an advertisement banner, and two affiliate buttons, and a header for my invisionfree forum. I hope that wouldn't be too much.

The band is D, I can provide you with all the information needed, and pictures I just need to know if you will be able to do this first since I am not sure if you are familiar with them. I don't want to waste your time. Thank you so much!
Hello, I'm not very familiar with this band but I'm sure I could make something satisfying your wishes... The only problem would be how long you'd want to wait for it... School's been eating up 120% of my time unfortunately.
Hi there,

I'm willing to wait however long. I don't mind the waiting at all, thank you for accepting. ^_^
I've actually been lurking around your journal and this community for a while--I've just recently decided to make an account here, and it would be absolutely wonderful if you could make a layout for me, :D

I'd like either one of these images to be incorporated in the layout:

I was thinking, maybe a blue-ish colour for the layout? Light blue and white and a bit of yellow maybe?

S2 or whatever layout you're comfortable would be fine.

Thank youz~