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Request post (take 2)

Hello everyone. I know it's been a terribly long while, but I suppose I can start taking requests again. It's been a horrendously long time (~2 years) so I'm just going to make a new post. If anyone who was on my waiting list on the last request post would like to have something made, you will get a higher priority. That being said, everyone else, please do not be offended if you are put at a lower priority. You are all special and equally appreciated. Or something.

♠. General
- Things you may request from me: layout, icons, a Winamp skin, a coloured manga scan.
- Provide images you would like me to use, otherwise please do not complain about any image I choose to use.
- Preferably whatever you request should be in a fandom I am familiar with. If unsure, don't hestitate to ask. :)
- Understand that whatever I make can and will be used by other people if not specified by you.

♣. Layout
- Please specify if you would like S1 or S2. For more details on the differences between these, please check out this page in the handy-dandy LJ FAQ.
- Please provide specifics about your layout... this includes things like, colour schemes, header, sidebar, font, etc. Some questions can be answered with the handy-dandy Berrii-Graphics FAQ!
- It might be useful if you also give me your computer screen's current resolution.
- Currently, I am most comfortable with the following S2 layouts: Smooth Sailing and Flexible Squares. For S1 layouts: Generator and Flexible Squares, along with others... although it's been a long time since S1, and no one uses it anyways. :P You're better off going with S2 probably.
- I hope to put some layout templates out soon so you can also request something based on those. :)

♥. Icons/manga scans
- How many icons? 1, 2, 5, 10? Please don't ask for 10+.
- Provided images would be great.
- With a manga scan, I'm not the best at manga colouring. Truly, you're better off going somewhere else, haha. (Here is where I pimp out kaorien and staticlights.)

♦. Winamp skin
- It's been a long time since I've made a Winamp skin. I can only do Classic skins so please bear this in mind.
- I don't usually skin specific buttons (the Shuffle button, the Repeat, etc). If you would like these, please ask.
- I also don't usually skin the video player. I can learn, I s'pose. This will take longer, of course.
- Specific fonts? :) Lay 'em on me.

Requests are OPEN!

Requests are put into priority by a first-come, first-served basis, barring the exception at the top. ~5 requests will be taken at a time, any after this will be placed into a queue.

1. dalampasigan, Nishikido Ryo header.
2. pheonix_wings07, JaeJoong (DBSK) layout in the style of dalampasigan's. [added Nov 19]
3. swamywinchester, Arthur/Morgana Winamp skin. [added Nov 19]
4. nightengale, DCMK layout. [added Nov 19]
5. snowwhitesheath, Tomoe Yukishiro (RuroKen) layout. [added Nov 19]
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